Friday, October 21, 2011

Red & Stripes

Wearing; Vera Mode blouse from Asos, Bardot skirt & Oasis Fran boots

Really quick & busy week. Studying Monday and Tuesday, spent 10hours at uni on Wednesday and did a night flight yesterday, and rushing around today to make sure I was on time to get into the city tonight (it's not looking good...) And this heat! I don't do too well in the sun and I felt like I was going to melt today even though it's barely summer!

I wore this outfit at a friend's 21st the other week. I love this red blouse and I got it at such a good price from Asos. Paired it with another good bargain from Bardot. I love the general boldness of the red mixed with the black and white stripes. Topped off with mauve coloured nails. Hope everyone has a marvelous weekend. xx


  1. Always loved black+white+red, so classy



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