Saturday, October 08, 2011

End Of Year Ball

Wearing; Sequin dress from Asos & Novo heels

Thursday night was my end of year aviation ball. I had never been to one previously so I was extremely excited to get all dressed up and see everyone all fancy. These opportunities don't come around often for me. I wore this gorgeous sequin dress that I found on Asos about two weeks before the night. I was so happy that it fitted well and was such a good bargain, except for the sequins making me scratch and bleed, the dress was a dream. Such a good night with excellent company, I'm really blessed that I was able to find such good friends in my course. Yes that is John and I don't know why he is pulling a weird face in that second photo. We have very few good pictures together, so it's saying something that I am putting these up here. xx


  1. Oh wow! You look absolutely amazing :) you kind of remind me of a singer called Eliza Doolitle - SO cute :) adore your shoes and omg those heels = amazing :)


  2. you look amazing! that outfit is to die for! love your blog, i followed pretty girl <3

  3. You look so lovely! Need those shoes in my life haha xx

  4. you look gorgeous, love the sparkles


  5. Hey! thanks for the comment and glad to meet your blog, it's so cool! That dress is awesome! :) xox

  6. Beautiful dress, love those heels, pretty woman!
    Girl you have the whole package!
    Stunning. x


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