Friday, November 29, 2013

To The Knee

Wearing: Cotton On denim shirt, Sportsgirl skirt and Glamourpuss heels

Never did I think I would be sporting a midi skirt, but welcome the new skirt of the season: the knee length. I always thought they would make me look shorter than my already five feet, but funnily enough they seem to do the opposite! The magic of lines, clothes always continue to amaze me. And the split here is just enough to keep things interesting. My kind of style. Having a lovely weekend lovelies xx

Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY - How To Rip Jeans

A bit of a different post today, I wanted to share how I DIYed my ripped jeans! A good pair of ripped jeans is essential to any girls wardrobe and if you're fussy like me, then finding the right rips for you can be quite a frustrating effort. So why not do it yourself!

What you need:
A pair of jeans
Permanent marker
Fabric scissors

1. Pick your jeans - I've gone for Sportsgirl Jett jeans because they are super comfy, but any jeans will do, old or new.

2. Put them on and mark with a permanent marker where you want the rips. I have gone for the knees.

3. With scissors, make an incision where you have marked the fabric.

4. With your hands, rip the incision to make a bigger hole. Can do it with scissors too, but I wanted a rougher look. Make the whole as big or as little as you want. I ripped mine completely to the seams.

5. Create another incision parallel to the first one. This is to create that horizontal thready look, so make the incision depending on where and how big you want it.

6. With tweezers start pulling the vertical threads between the two cuts. Continue all along the gap and it should look like the picture below when you're finished.

7. Repeat with the second leg or maybe just do it on one, it's all up to you :) xx

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Steve Madden A/W Showing

Last week I was invited to view the Steve Madden A/W14 showings. Seeing as this was my first showing, I was incredibly excited but also nervous, however lucky for me the lovely ladies there made me feel quite at home with all the cupcakes, chocolates and of course the stacks of amazing shoes surrounded around me waiting to be inspected and drooled upon. 
So many incredible styles for next season. Killer points, chunky heels, strappy delights and peep toe booties including that lacy white beauty above. But my absolute favourite would be the lace-up booties in the last pictures. Love the chunky heels that are just the right height and the lace-up is so on trend right now, my only problem is I can't decide between black or tan! xx 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Play Hard

Wearing: Maurie&Eve Playhard dress and Sportsgirl necklace

Probably the most perfect sports luxe dress ever to be invented. A neutral colour and an asymmetric hem (a must for me), Maurie & Eve you have done it again. Hope everyone had a great weekend and the week to come just flies by xx

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Bust A Move

Wearing: Forcast bustier, Sportsgirl tee, thrifted Ksubi shorts & Soludos espadrilles

I've been looking for a perfect minimalistic bustier for a while now, they all seem to have bits and bobs and layers that are inappropriate and make me look like I'm trying to smuggle a watermelon. I found this one at Forcast, a store that I would never normally bother to look into however my friend and I were looking for races dresses and were feeling desperate. Funny how you find exactly what you're looking for in the most unexpected places.
I styled it in the most casual-esque outfit I could muster which I must say has become a favourite of mine for work. In denim shorts and Summer's choice footwear, how can you go wrong? xx

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Check Mate

Wearing: Check top c/o Glue Store, DIY Sportsgirl jeans, H&M belt & Wittner heels

Two things I have been dying to get my hands on the past few months: the perfect check print top and a pair of kickass black ripped jeans. Found this top in Glue Store one slow afternoon and snatched it up straight away. Great cut and exactly the right geometric check pattern. 
With my perfectionist mind, I usually create things in my head and go out searching for them. Finding something similar is not satisfactory enough because there is usually something wrong with it that I know will bug me till the end of time. Then one day I thought "heck Estelle, why not buy a pair of black jeans and rip them yourself?" And thus the jeans you see above were born. Stay tuned for a DIY post on how to do them yourself. 
Heading out today to celebrate the Melbourne Cup, still haven't decided what to wear after a mishap with an online store last night, humph, anyway have a great day everyone xx