Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Roma Photo Diary

More photos from lovely Roma. There is history everywhere you turn in this city, something to remind you of the old country. Definitely worth a visit. And maybe five more visits.
Next up, photos from New York! xx 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Trevi Fountain & Spanish Steps

Sportsgirl denim shirt and shorts, Oasis boots & Rayban sunglasses

Just a few photos from my quick trip to the Trevi fountain and Spanish steps (we were leaving that afternoon so had to get all of our last minute sight seeing done). We visited them during the evening as well, and both sights were just crowded with so many people you could barely move. I quite liked having my own space during the day and being able to toss my wish coin into the fountain in peace. Very casual outfit but probably one of my favourites. Still adoring these shorts and paired with the best denim shirt in the world basically equals perfection. Have a good weekend everyone xx

Monday, November 19, 2012


Definitely more touristic photos rather than outfit ones, unless you count very extremely casual wear which sometimes I do. The Colosseum was truly magnificent, literally jaw-dropping goodness. Was kind of spectacular to imagine all the Gladiator-esque adventures that use to take place in this huge arena. We also explored the ruins next to the Colosseum which was actually the world's first marketplace. Pretty cray cray xx

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Paisley At The Vatican

Cue blazer, Sportsgirl top, Zara jeans and Jeffrey Campbell everly boots

I've recently discovered that I can't wear pants. I've tried for so long and had never given up on the idea that some day they will magically look good on me. But that delusion is over. And now I've decided to grow my collection of jeans. Meet one of the newest additions. I couldn't go past this amazing paisley print at Zara (paisley being my new obsession and all).

These photos were of course taken outside St Paul's cathedral in the Vatican City. Such a sweltering hot day but totally worth it to see the Sistine Chapel and the incredible cathedral itself. The vastness of it is overwhelming, let alone all the detail that is actually in all those nooks and crannies. The Italians really know their stuff xx 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Venice Photo Diary

Just a few photos of beautiful Venice. Due to a four hour delay in London we only got to spend one full day in Venice to explore. Definitely a very surreal city, I couldn't help but think I was in some sort of movie set the entire time. xx
The view from our hotel balcony, featuring a light sunset and the Rialto bridge.
Experiencing the city. From the darling little canals that run all over the city, to seeing laundry hung out high above the streets and the beautiful old architecture. We popped into Prada to stare at my dream handbag and there was a poodle in the store! I thought that that was the best.  
The masks that Venice is famous for.
You know how the best things are always in the least expected places? Same story with this slice of pizza.
Hanging out at Saint Marco's Basilica.
Definitely coming back here again. xx

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Add A Little Sparkle

Sportsgirl flapper tank

I'm back home after about three weeks of travelling, ended up making a pitstop in Switzerland as well as seeing Italy and New York. The photo diaries will commence soon but just had to show you this quick post of a top I got a few weeks ago. Even though I'm not a big sequin person, I adore the cut of this piece, very Sass & Bide, non? xx