Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Wearing; Sportsgirl shaggy knit & Zara blouse

Nothing better than this shaggy knit in winter to completely consume yourself in. I hesitated in buying it the first time I saw it but luckily it was re-released so I snapped it up. Hopefully I won't make the same mistake again but it seems likely. xx

Monday, June 25, 2012


Wearing; Zara blouse, Topshop jeans & Wittner Tania heels

I never ever thought I would own pointed toe heels. I remember my mum only ever wearing them back in the day and I was always horrified at the sight of them. Lately I haven't really loved anything clothes and shoes-wise, however when I saw these in the shop window, I was inspired. They are not my most comfortable heels but boy, they can make anything look good. What do you think? xx

Saturday, June 09, 2012

June Wishlist

(images sourced)

1. Shakuhachi houndstooth dress - I love houndstooth and this dress is perfect, also on sale right now = more perfect.
2. ASOS pluto heels - My love for pointed top heels is definitely increasing (see future post). The metal toe cap makes this black pump just that bit more special.
3. Rag & Bone jeans - I've been looking for a good pair of white jeans this winter, just to brighten up outfits etc. Tossing up between these and a cheaper Topshop pair (yes I am very stingey)
4. Sportsgirl gold textured top - Ever since seeing the Shakuhachi gold tee last year I've wanted one. This Sportsgirl one is just as amazing especially with the textured material.
5. Sportsgirl jumper - Ahh yes my love for mint. This jumper is slightly cropped and I can see myself wearing it with oversized tees creeping out the bottom. xx

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Structured Casualness

Wearing; Vera Moda blouse, Sportsgirl shorts, Lavish flats & arm candy from Sportsgirl

The last summery post you'll be getting from me in a while. Winter is officially here, though unofficially its been here for a while. This is my go-to outfit when I'm feeling lazy and not sure what to wear. It's the epitome of the "structured casualness" that I seem to convey in all my outfits. Did not realise this until just recently when I was trying to define my style sense. Paired with some outrageously out there flats. Do any of you have style equations? xx