Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Wishlist

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A very random assortment of wants this time, I've been sick this past week so my thoughts have been compromised, so please excuse everything. xx
1. Jeffrey Campbell wedges - never have been a fan of this wonky type of heel but this version I like, maybe it's my obsession with monochromatic shoes.
2. Sabre Nevermind sunglasses - never thought I'd like this style until I tried them on and they suited me, so now I want.
3. H&M pants - always wanted a pair of tartan pants and these again make me wish I lived near a H&M store...
4. Sportsgirl necklace - nice and chunky.
5. Dip dye shorts - now these I know I definitely want. Probs will have to DIY a pair which is a scary thought... xx

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