Wednesday, January 09, 2013

January Wishlist - White Leather

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For me at the moment, nothing is fresher than white leather. Especially during the Australian summer, white leather just radiates cool. Here are my picks that I long to have in my closet. xx P.s. imagine if I wore all these pieces at once? That would be some inter-galactic shit.

1. Acne leather jacket - the cut is perfect, the details are perfect, everything is just perfect.
2. J Brand leather pants - the super skinny fit makes me think that these will be a good second skin.
3. Senso cadena heels - Aren't these just beautiful? I had such a difficult time deciding between these and my Bertina white boots (will be shown shortly) but I am developing a plan that will ensure these absolute stunners will be mine soon enough. Not long now babies.
4. Alexander Wang Emile bag - the Emile has always been my favourite of all the Wang bags, in white it is especially obsession-worthy.


  1. Beautiful choices! Love that Acne jacket.

  2. Thanks for comment in my blog! If you want you can come back I follow my blog! I follow you! Good blog!


  3. i've really been into white lately too!! goodness i love that jacket. I think shoemint has some strappy pumps that look like those right now.

  4. That white leather jacket is gorgeous!!! Those shoes are perfection as well!


  5. Yey i would love to follow each other. I started, now it´s your turn ;)

  6. I LOVE THAT JACKET! Would you like to follow each other?(: Let me know! Hope you can stop by my blog sometime!

    xx, Shirley

  7. That Alexander Wang bag is amazing! I'm in love....
    Totally agree with you on all points!
    I'm your newest follower!


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